Welcome to Mournamento.com

Our business was developed from an inspiration to create visible cremated ash mementos–convenient items to wear–like necklaces. Upon the sudden and unexpected death of the owner’s father, she worked with a custom jewelry maker who was already making a line of soldered glass pendants, to include her father’s cremated ash remains and picture, to wear as an ash pendant necklace. The image┬áincludes her dad’s picture, name, birth and death dates, photos of him as a child and just before his death.

Human Ash JewelryThis experimental piece of jewelry turned out so well, and provided such a sense of comfort, she decided to make more–for each close family member and a few friends. The necklaces and charms (for the men) were presented to each recipient during her father’s memorial service. The recipients have all enjoyed the sense of connection to her dad, because they can see his picture, his name and feel his presence by seeing his ashes in these unique cremated ash mementos.

In addition to people, we offer a line of pet mementos that contain their cremated ash, fur and paw print image plates.

For fun and for those who are growing-up, Mournamento.com can memorialize first teeth (if returned by the tooth fairy :), and even hair strands from first haircuts! If you desire any other special small preservations–please let us know.

Our two preservation options include soldered glass plates, or custom-mold resin casts. We offer a wide variety of stand-alone casts, casts that can include drilled holes or added fasteners, jump rings, lapel pins, or earring backs/clips/loops. Our most popular mementos are resin charms (for necklaces and bracelets), pendants (to fasten to a lapel), bracelets and rings.

We are committed to working with you to design a memorial memento product that you can treasure for the rest of your life. We produce our pieces in a clean environment and with the utmost of respect and safety of your loved ones.

Please let us know what you need and how we can help you!