Questions or custom orders:

303-786-7446 direct

Please mail any applicable items to:

Attention: Tracy

PO Box 666

Englewood, CO 80151

Shipping us your materials:

  • When mailing hair, fur or ash–please send a heaping tablespoon. We will return any unused materials. We may need to clean, wash or pick through materials for best results.
  • When mailing tooth/teeth–in addition to when mailing other materials, please “pad” the items in the envelope.
  • When mailing breastmilk, you are welcome to mail it frozen–you can double “wrap” up to an ounce in zipped baggies, or pad small plastic container. Technically, breastmilk doesn’t need to be “fresh”–if there’s a problem with its consistency upon receipt, we’ll let you know and may require another sample. We will not return any liquids. If you have heightened concerns about quality, please overnight your shipment.
  • Orders may take up to 2 weeks to create and cure, however, you will be contacted about status throughout the production time, and notified upon shipping.
  • Orders are typically mailed as Priority Mail through the USPS.

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