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This pendant design includes your breastmilk poured into your selected resin pendant mould style. This pendant design requires a hole drilled into the resin cast to be able to attach a jump ring, or to glue a bail to the back top of the shape, to hang from a necklace. 

Please note that the breastmilk falls into the resin as it so chooses. We attempt to "assist" it into position, but we do not guarantee positioning nor final appearance. Resin and breastmilk also present their own artifacts like air bubbles, clouds, color variations, which are out of our control. If you send enough milk, we will gladly re-pour until we are satisfied--before sending you the final product for your acceptance. We may also send you photo/s for review.

If you would prefer a hole drilled with attached jump ring, or any other special requests, please email or call after your order is processed.

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